Private Equity & Corporate Finance

«Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator.»
Robert Orben, 1927-present

Many candidates find that private equity firms offer attractive career goals. And they are not mistaken, as we also recognise the high concentration of talent, entrepreneurial spirit and highly specialised knowledge in this client segment. We partner with domestic and international players seeking employees for their in-house departments and we offer an appropriate client network to individuals with experience in banking, boutique investment banking or the corporate environment. We also act as consultants when it comes to filling strategic positions in direct participations or subsidiaries. This field is fuelling our growth in the industrial client segment, and we will continue to focus on this area.

In the area of corporate finance, we fill positions and offer solutions in the conventional M&A business as well as in the fields of leveraged finance, participations and project financing. At the same time, our specialists also cover areas such as distressed debt, real estate, infrastructure and other specialised domains. As in other sectors, we are constantly seeking both young talents open to make a first career move and experienced professionals with a proven track record and network in sales, specialist or management skills.