Capital Markets

«You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.»
Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Despite numerous changes in the capital markets, the financing world is still an exciting, stimulating and sophisticated work environment. After many outstanding years, growth and positive conditions have almost ceased to exist due to the financial crisis, regulatory changes and enormous political pressure. This is particularly true for sales, trading and structural issues in well-structured segments and the derivatives environment. The long period of growth in the fixed income area seems to have come to an end and shares are undergoing a slight recovery. So far, however, this has not yet had a significant impact on the area of human resources. In this field, we currently cover the following functions and topics:

  • Sales & Trading
  • Structuring
  • Research
  • Syndication
  • FX, Credit & Liquid Products
  • Equities
  • Primary & Secondary Market
  • Alternative Investments
  • Legal & Compliance

Fixed Income covers an important part of the financing of companies, the state and other institutional investors in the market. Even though the world will still continue to change and adapt in this field, it will remain an important element of universal and investment banking. We also look after this area and focus on transferring issues, individuals and ideas to other fields. Consequently, we assist Family Offices as well as small boutique investors and brokers during their foundation and development phases.