Asset Management

«When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.»
Henry Ford, 1863-1947

Our Asset Management Team takes care of all aspects, including portfolio management, product management and marketing as well as sales and sales support. With over twelve years of experience, we have developed connections with our clients and candidates that provide strong networking capacities and a deep knowledge of the detail. So allow us to be your strategic partner, door-opener, source of ideas, market expert and source of information. In this area, we work with the following service providers, among others:

  • Asset Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Pension Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Foundations
  • Consultants
  • Banks
  • Wealth Managers

In the years following the Financial Crisis, the Asset Management industry has developed quite positively. International banks have started a gradual process of convergence between different company divisions (markets and asset management). Passive products have continued along the path of positive development and have since become an integral part of the industry. Various international service providers have put together or expanded their (sales) teams for Central Europe, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries. Unfortunately, growth in Portfolio Management and overall “Production” have fallen short of generating large volumes and the financial centres of Zurich, Frankfurt and Geneva have so far been unable to increase their importance compared to London. Regulatory compliance plays an important role in Asset Management and increasingly influences our day-to-day business, due in part to the growing cost involved. On the other hand, well-targeted regulation could support the strengthening of Investment Management locations in Switzerland and Germany and provide the requirements and stimuli for a further expansion of this sector. To achieve this, however, all intermediaries and political decision makers would need to act in concert. Overall, we are confident of a positive direction for the entire industry, even though there is still ample leeway for more efficient use of opportunities and for mergers. Boutique firms and investment bankers will have to join forces. In a long-term market environment, solo efforts no longer promise sustainable success. The formation of joint platforms offers great opportunities to successfully tackling regulatory and cost pressures.