Private Banking

«Personalities are not shaped by pretty speeches, but by their own work and achievement.»
Albert Einstein, 1879-1955

In addition to our extensive market and product know-how, we can look back on a network that spans generations paired with 30 years of experience in the private banking sector in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We view handling of and adapting our structures to new realities as a challenge and our daily business. Change brings not only risk but also many opportunities. In the private banking sector, we place candidates in specialist functions and management positions in the following fields:

Relationship Manager for:

  • Onshore Switzerland
  • Onshore Germany
  • Offshore CEE, LATAM, MENA
  • Offshore Europe
  • External Asset Managers
  • Product & Marketing Specialists
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Operations & Support
  • Family Office Services

Private banking was, is and will be an essential component of the banking sector and a key factor for a financial centre – in particular for Switzerland as an important onshore and offshore location. Regulatory policies, low profit margins in Germany and shrinking returns due to Switzerland’s “white money strategy” confront the institutes with existential challenges. Smaller private banks now need to quickly focus on a few core markets, while internal segmentation progresses in larger institutes. Offering customers direct consulting services and open, honest and direct communication are factors that—in combination with a professional and consistent service—will continue to play a major role and ought not to be sidelined by industrialisation measures. Customers expect security, transparency and simple, easy-to-understand products. Nevertheless, modern-day private bankers should not simply hide behind these customer needs—no matter what, their money still has to “work”. Banks and banking employees are required to adapt their patterns of behaviour to market conditions and to reinvent themselves. The era of “wining and dining” without acquisition effort and regulatory corset are over.