Marketing & Communication

«Speak softly and carry a big stick.»
Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919

With information accessible literally anywhere, anytime in our highly integrated multimedia world, organisations are increasingly faced with challenges in marketing and communication. Customers, employees, business partners and the general public as well as numerous other stakeholders want to receive information via different channels with increasing frequency. Always being one step ahead of the competition is what counts, along with the identification of trends, clever product placement and the delivery of consistent messages to the market; messages that convince, sit well with the different target groups and fulfil their specific requirements. What makes this particularly tricky is that the range of marketing and communication tools available has never been broader than it is today. New technologies, in particular social media, offer an entire kaleidoscope of options. They are, however, not entirely without risk. Consequently, expenditures for the professional use of these instruments has increased manifold—and with it the demands that those responsible for this field are constantly facing. For that reason, we offer you our assistance and support in the following areas:

  • Product Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Sales Promotion
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Identity
  • Social Media

Organisations facing tough competition to grab their customers’ attention and to enhance their own popularity consider marketing and communication as key to making a real difference and contributing significantly to the company’s overall success. Selecting just the right employee plays a vital role in all areas where they design campaigns and develop key messages—i.e. where they decide which image the company projects and establishes in the market. With its many years of experience in selecting just the right managers and specialists in the field of marketing and communication, our team is able to offer the added value that makes the difference.