Legal, Compliance & Tax

«The future depends on what you do today.»
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 1869-1948

For an extended period, we have been experiencing an ever-growing density of regulations and instrumentalisation of financial services providers by state players. This development is creating greater challenges and increasing expenditures. With domestic and international political players and media representatives demanding stronger regulation of the financial sector, the legal, compliance and tax departments of all financial intermediaries have undergone expansions and gained significance.

Many market participants complain about the flood of regulatory actions which cause even the regulators themselves to recognise that this is more about providing framework conditions than detailed, individual rules and regulations. However, we expect this trend to continue. There is consistent demand for employees who can master the frequent conflict between the company’s interests on the one hand and regulatory compliance on the other.

After all, an institute’s reputation is its most valuable asset. These assets are sustained by professional risk analysis and the development and expansion of regulations and control mechanisms further backed up by the efficient implementation of such measures. To achieve this, a high degree of foresight is required by those in charge of legal, compliance and tax matters, as they need to penetrate the depth and complexities of the regulatory requirements of European and global markets to interact constructively with the relevant contacts.

Our team members in the fields of legal, compliance and tax matters are specialists with a deep understanding of their sector or field who are consequently able to deliver well-structured solutions within a very short time.